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General conditions


These conditions apply to the sale of all the language courses mentioned on the website and in the brochure, unless expressly stated otherwise by written agreement. The buyer explicitely accepts these conditions  when enrolling on a language course at Ruysschaert Language Academy vzw. 

Only the price list and the general sales conditions stipulated at the time of enrolment on the website are applicable. Information concerning current prices can be requested by e-mail from

After the enrolment has been processed and you have received confirmation by e-mail, the advance should be paid within 15 days. The remaining amount must be paid within 45 days of the enrolment date. If enrolment occurs fewer than 7 days before the start of the course, the full amount must be paid within 3 days, and before the start of the course at the very latest.

You can only be 100% sure of your place from the moment you have paid the full amount. Participation in the course can be refused by one of the parties if the full payment has not been made. The full amount must be paid before the start of the course.

If payment is partly or wholly made by a third party you need to mention this upon enrolment. The customer is responsible for payment of any amounts that have not been paid by a third party.

Any cancellation needs to be made in writing. An enrolment can be cancelled, without costs, up to 90 days before the start of the course. After this date a fixed administrative cost of 65 euros will apply. If you cancel 45 days or less before the start of a course, we can only refund you 100 euros, on condition that the total balance has already been paid.

Transferring enrolment to other course dates or to a course in another language is possible without costs until 45 days before the start of the course. Beyond that time we charge a fixed administrative fee of 65 euros.

If a complete language course is being canceled by Ruysschaert Language Academy vzw, an alternative will be offered where possible. If this alternative is not acceptable to the customer, the amount already paid will be totally refunded, without compensation or interest.

Early departure
Infringement of the course rules or bad behaviour can lead to immediate exclusion from further participation in the course, whereby the decision of the organiser is binding. When a child is excluded from the course his/her parents will come and collect him/her the same day. 

If a pupil is excluded from the course or leaves the institute voluntarily, 100 euros of the course fee will be refunded, in so far as the departure takes place the first day of the course and on condition that the total balance has already been paid. After the aforementioned time limit there can be no further refund. Refunds will be smaller if discounts have been granted. 

Ruysschaert Language Academy vzw is not responsible for theft of, loss of and /or damage to personal belongings that the pupils brought with them, nor for pupils who leave the institute during a language course.

The pupil is held liable for damage to buildings, equipment or third parties. All associated costs will be charged to the pupil(s) and/or his/her/their parents.

By enrolling on a language course and accepting our general conditions, our privacy policy and the course rules, you expressly agree to the processing of the use of communicated personal information for ends such as administration of the customer base, the organisation of the course and invoicing.
Furthermore you agree to the use of your information for marketing purposes and personalised advertising.

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation, which came into force on the 25th of May, 2018, every client has the right to access information concerning the handling of his/her data. You can ask to access your data in order to improve, complete or delete them.

Moreover, Ruysschaert Language Academy vzw has a duty to be able to demonstrate what personal information has been collected, for what aim the data are used and in what way the security of these data can be guaranteed. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy.

Photographic material
During the enrolment procedure the customer gives the organiser permission to take atmospheric photos during the course. Such photos might show images of the pupil and can and may be used in advertising by the organiser in any form (folder, internet...).

If no visual material of your child may be produced or used this must be stated in writing by e-mail or by post before the start of the course.

Medical Certificate

Parents undertake to let us know whether a pupil is allergic to any particular common medicines and/or foodstuffs. Unless specifically stipulated otherwise it will be assumed that the pupil is not allergic to conventional medicines, that he/she is in good health and can participate without problem in all activities and can partake of all meals.

Parents hereby give permission to the organiser to administer basic medical care in cases of common symptoms (fever, pain, wounds...) without consulting a doctor or physician, whereby the organiser undertakes to act just as any other person in the same circumstances. The organiser undertakes to alert parents in cases where symptoms are severe and to contact a doctor or physician immediately.

Applicable law
All agreements entered into with Ruysschaert Language Academy vzw shall be governed by Belgian law. In the event of a dispute the Belgian courts have exclusive juristiction.



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