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Every day, our team is available to parents, students and all our teachers.

Maite Gandarias

Marieke Ruysschaert | Managing director

You can reach me by telephone on +32 9 281 01 53 or by email at

Charlotte Speecke

Charlotte Speecke | Marketeer
As Head of Marketing, having the opportunity to promote a product which I back 100 % increases my degree of involvement. Indeed, I want each course to be a success.

Do you want to work with us or promote our courses? Contact me by telephone on +32 9 281 01 53 or by email at

My areas of interest: travelling, my family and my friends, couture and cooking

Virginie Pante - Ruysschaert Language Academy

Virginie Pante | Operations Assistant
To discover new horizons, both at home and abroad, to start upworking partnerships: in order to be able to welcome new pupils to our courses every year: I'm really happy to see Ruysschaert grow!

Contact me by telephone on +32 9 281 01 53 or by email at 

Dirk Braet | Coordinator English Courses
I've been putting heart and soul into Ruysschaert. The management says that I'm a real teambuilder and that's exactly what I like, giving impassioned teachers that extra little push to help them grow. Every course is an adventure full of challenges, and that's what I enjoy.

My interests: good food, sailing,..

Charlotte Haeck | Coordinator English Courses
Working as a coordinator at Ruysschaert gives me fulfilment at so many different levels and continues to influence me in a positive way every time. It gives me the chance to accompany other teachers in their quest for inspired and purposeful teaching and to enthuse young people for language in all its facets. Language is my first love and to be able to share it with so many other people, with the focus on quality is what Ruysschaert means to me.

My interests: In my everyday life I'm a language teacher, event planner, flower arranger and music lover.

Maarten Huvaere | Coordinator English Courses
As a coordinator at Ruysschaert I put an incredible amount of energy into providing young people with close support, teaching them and witnessing their growth and I, in turn learn from that process. I'm glad to be able to be a part of  a professional organisation that stimulates people to give the best of themselves and offers them chances to blossom and to push their own boundaries. As a lover of languages I am convinced that language and literature allow us to better understand other people and to value them even more.

My interests: reading, fine conversation, good food, festivals, the sea, an excursion with friends,...

Annelies De Ruyck | Coordinator English and German courses
At Ruysschaert we focus not only on the language knowledge of the pupils, but we also want to help young people develop on a personal level. That's what makes our courses unique, the attention to each individual. In my role as coordinator of the English and German courses it is with great pleasure that I coach our team of teachers, accompany the pupils and ensure that the activities are managed efficiently. Through the mix of lessons and activities you can witness how much pleasure pupils get from learning a language. The smiles on the faces during the course are living proof that we're getting it right!

My interests: music, dance, running, reading, languages, good food, family and friends

Joachim Peeters | Coordinator Dutch Courses
Being at Ruysschaert is like coming home. The cordiality, that warm feeling, an emphasis on strong support and a focus on human values ensure that you can and may  grow both as a person and professionally. As a coordinator I link the vision of the organisation with the courses at each location. I, along with the team, make sure that every course participant feels at home and in this way dares to speak another language, dares to learn. As a didactic coach I help teachers to discover new learning methods so that they too, as teachers, can grow.

My interests: musicals, politics, city trips, family, well-being.

Alessandra Bilani - Ruysschaert Language Academy

Alessandra Bilani | Coordinator French, English and Dutch Courses
 At Ruysschaert you get the chance to work for a whole week and to teach in a way that is tailored to the needs of the pupils. Due to the fact that you are always with them, even outside lesson time and at the meal table too, you quickly build up a bond with the young people. You can then feel very proud when you see their progress! It's because of these moments and the pupils' gratitude at the end of the week  that I always return to Ruysschaert with great pleasure during the holidays.

My interests: acting, singing, literature, learning languages and travelling.

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