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Ruysschaert is looking for English, French and Dutch teachers

Are you a passionate language teacher of English, French or Dutch? Do you believe in our approach? Then a language camp during the Easter or summer vacations is something for you. We are always open to meet new language teachers.

What does Ruysschaert offer you?
What can your added value be for us? 

"During your studies you learn how to become a teacher. Through working at Ruysschaert, you learn how to become a professional. And returning every year is something you do with passion and joy."

W. Braet

"As a new teacher, I learned an enormous amount at Ruysschaert. With the help of the coordinators and other colleagues, I gained a lot of experience and discovered the way I personally prefer to teach!"

L. Claeys

"During a week at Ruysschaert, you see your students progressing every day, which makes it incredibly rewarding. Moreover, the tailored approach, environment and amazing group atmosphere ensure I come back every year."

R. Willems

Something for you?

Then we want to get to know you. Send a short e-mail with your cv in attachment to
We will quickly make an appointment to get to know you. 

“The strength of Ruysschaert? The warmth and kindness."

Ricardo Fonseca - Teacher

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Do you have any questions, send an e-mail or call us on +32 9 281 01 53

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