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About Ruysschaert

Ruysschaert organises intensive language courses for young people between the ages of 12 and 18. And we do with passion, enthusiasm and total commitment in order that we can teach as much as possible to these young people in one week.

When do you really learn a foreign language?
A language is something that can be learned. And the best way to do this is to get inside the language by total immersion. At Ruysschaert, everybody, teachers AND students, speak the target language everywhere and at all times – during courses, meals or games – and do so throughout the entire week.  




We recognise that this requires determination and discipline. But we make sure that the students can learn in a dynamic and positive environment in which no one is put under pressure and in which we attach importance to personal accompaniment and support, backed up by a warm welcome and positive coaching. We do not leave anyone out in the cold – we offer our full support to everyone on the course.   This is what allows us to give the best of ourselves.  

The result is more than impressive.
Young and not so young people, beginners and those at a more advanced level, everyone manages to overcome the language barrier and give the best of themselves. From the awkward “Hey” to the more self-confident “Hello, would you like to play soccer with me?” in one week.

And that one sentence says it all. It’s the proud twinkling in the eye of your son or daughter as he/she spontaneously begins to talk. That’s the moment we get out of bed for every morning. 

After a week of intensive, hard work, the pride which emanates from the students during the closing session is for us proof that our mission has been a success. Allowing the students to believe in themselves, to exceed their limits and accomplish something of which they didn’t believe themselves capable at the beginning is the reason we get up every morning.   

Ruysschaert Marieke

A warm welcome to our language courses

Marieke Ruysschaert
Director Ruysschaert Language Academy

Core values of Ruysschaert

In an atmosphere of warmth and respect, both pupils and teachers completely flourish. Personal guidance and attention to each person's personality and abilities are key here, as we want to help young people progress, also on a personal level. You will be stimulated to be the best version of yourself through a new language and regained self-confidence.

At Ruysschaert we strive for open communication and transparency at all times. By this we do not only mean between the teachers and the coordinator but also towards our students and vice versa. We believe that understanding each other better leads to a harmonious collaboration and this in turn leads to a fantastic, groundbreaking week together.

We believe that foreign language knowledge is a springboard to push your own limits. We want to encourage our students to discover the world and go on an adventure with a backpack full of language knowledge and self-confidence.

Language is connection with each other: you live, learn and grow together for a whole week. It is a powerful bonding agent that enables communication and strengthens social cohesion. You make a commitment to yourself and you commit to giving your best. We expect this of all our participants: the coordinator, teachers and students.

"Teamwork makes the dream work". We have a strong team of teachers and coordinators who enjoy working together with enthusiasm. During the lessons and through sports and games we also teach our students that you can often achieve more together than alone.

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