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Our language courses: four beautiful campuses

Our language courses take place on campuses that Ruysschaert has carefully selected after many years of  experience.

Campuses all over Belgium

Torhout, Rotselaar, Doornik, Zevenkerken or Mechelen? We rent the entire campus and make it our own.

Tip: big campuses often have more than one entrance. You should therefore follow the directions when you arrive at the site. 

1. Campus St-Benoît (Maredsous)

Rue De Maredsous 12
5537 Denée (Maredsous)

Details and route

2. Campus Emmaüs (Maredsous)

Rue de Maredsous 15
5537 Denée (Maredsous)

Details and route

3. Campus Torhout

Bruggestraat 23
8820 Torhout

Details and route

4. Campus Rotselaar

Aarschotsesteenweg 39
3110 Rotselaar

Details and route

5. Campus Doornik

Chaussée de Tournai 7
7520 Ramegnies-Chin (Tournai)

Details and route

6. Campus Mechelen

Zandpoortvest 2
2800 Mechelen

Details and route

7. Campus Zevenkerken

Zevenkerken 4
8200 Brugge

Details and route

8. Campus Woluwe

Guldendallaan 90
1150 Sint-Pieters-Woluwe

Details and route

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