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"Speaking another language for a whole week seemed impossible to me. But look, now it comes naturally!

Groundbreaking language courses: English, French and Dutch

A language is something that can be learned. And the best way to do this is to get inside the language by total immersion. At Ruysschaert, everybody, teachers AND students, speak the target language everywhere and at all times – during courses, meals or games – and do so throughout the entire week.  

We recognise that this requires determination and discipline. But the result is more than impressive.

Our secret? The clear rules, the wonderfully relaxed environment and the cordiality of everyone.

What do you bring to the course?

Here you can find a practical overview of everything the children need during a language course: material for the lesson, sports equipment and other baggage. Be sure not to forget a dictionary for use in class and bed linen and pillow. In the bedrooms only the mattress is provided.

What is included in the price?

The course price is all inclusive:

And a warm heart,
a lot of support
and our respect for your achievements.

Your own transport

Transport to the campus is the only thing not included in the price. Are you looking for someone with whom your son or daughter can car-share to come to the course? Or do you have space in your car and want to offer someone a lift? Leave your details on our carsharingoverview for parents.

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