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Ruysschaert Language Academy has a passion for languages. Why?
Language connects - And as Federico Fellini so beautifully put it "Another language is another vision of life." It helps expand your mind and enrich your future. We are very proud to pass on this passion to young people, contributing to the personal growth of our students in a cordial and supportive way.

Our language offerings.
More than 6,000 languages are spoken worldwide. 

At Ruysschaert, however, we focus on the English, Dutch and French languages. Because if you master these 3, you will already get a long way!


English is a world language and for many people it is also their second language. At Ruysschaert we also think about your future, and a good command of the English language has many advantages. Whether you're travelling or working on an international project, the ability to express yourself well in English enables you to establish contacts confidently and easily. 

We often learn a good note of English by watching movies, social media and at school. But do you really master the language? Do you have the grammatical knowledge that will take you that step further?


French people and Walloons are very fond of their language. Being able to communicate well with them in French is definitely a plus. In Belgium, French is one of the mother tongues and the second most spoken language (40% vs 60% Dutch).

At school, a lot of attention is paid to French classes. But do you speak the language enough? Because you only really learn a language by (daring to) speaking it a lot and that is what we at Ruysschaert definitely work on. 


Dutch is a virtuoso language with many beautiful colloquialisms and sayings. Dutch words have many consonants and that makes them just extra interesting. Dutch also has many cozy dialects.  

Did you know that the longest Dutch word has 60 letters? And do you recognize many Dutch words from other languages?

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