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Discover the 6 indicators of a groundbreaking language course

“You have to take part in one to know what makes it so unique”

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1. Varied lessons stimulate young people for more

We tell you in advance: your son or daughter will spend a whole week on a rollercoaster of exciting insights into language, instructive exercises and challenging role-plays.
This is how our teachers set your child off with a host of new words and expressions. Without really realizing it they take on board all this new knowledge while having fun.

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Ruysschaert grammar

2. Grammar is the hidden code to be cracked

Ruysschaert makes grammar cool. It is the hidden code upon which language is built. Abstract? Yes. But incessantly interesting as soon as you’ve cracked it. It’s not because we are fond of  rules but rather that you will gain in confidence, have more fun and feel more secure.

3. Atmosphere of warmth, respect and kindness

Ruysschaert immersion

Language should bind us together, not the opposite. It is precisely for this reason that there is a feeling of warmth and security at every campus. We greet one another with language. We support those who are finding it difficult.
We don’t leave anyone to their own devices. This is exactly why the driving force himself, Pieter Ruysschaert is physically present at every language course. He takes care, like a good family man of not only the oldest and the youngest pupils, but also the teachers so that everyone feels happy in their situation. 

Learn about the vision of founder Pieter Ruysschaert. 

Ruysschaert teachers

4. Qualified language virtuoso as teacher

Your son or daughter gets to know experienced professionals: pur sang language virtuosos who spend their daily lives in the classroom. They know the tricks of the trade and can explain a complex syntax with mastered simplicity. Result? An ‘aha’ moment as an acknowledgement of understanding.

Then, through their love of the subject they immerse the young people in speaking, reading, writing and listening. The pupils might fall down but then get up again. Until your child proudly addresses the group. 

Ruysschaert immersion

5. Immersion as the key to success

Everyone, teachers and pupils, speaks the target language always and everywhere. During lessons, meals and recreation – the whole week long. We admit: that needs perseverance and discipline. But the result is simply staggering. In that aspect we are strict and just, and it is precisely for this reason that many young people (and their parents) make a conscious choice for this result-oriented approach. 

Ruysschaert sport

6. Wide range of sport and games

Sport and games are crucial for relaxation. What’s more: they open the door to expressing yourself naturally in a foreign language. Through play we learn to get to know one another better and to respect one another. So enjoy a good dose of amusement together with your teachers. 

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