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Looking for a fun app to learn English?
We can recommend the following apps


Normal version is free. Great for learning new vocabulary, pronunciation and collocations. There is also the option of adding friends and seeing howmuch experience points they have gained every day. You can also set a goal: experience or time. Another option on the free app is the test yourself in case you feel that you may have forgotten certain words from the first levels. Last but not least, there are wordgames and a daily question. You can see the answers of other people and reply to them.


Great app for practising your grammar knowledge. Tool from British Council.

Learning English for BBC

Learn English with this free tool. Everything that you can find on BBC and British council can also be found here. Every day, there are new daily lessons. It even has news revieuws and allows you to save items in your bookmarks.

Hello English

Hello English covers all the aspects of language learning, including vocabulary, translation, grammar, spellings, spoken, and reading skills. However, you should already be able to understand basic English structure, the app can’t help you learn English from scratch.


While playing ‘games’ you learn a lot of English  vocabulary and grammar. Your goal other then being proficient in English? Conquering your language planet!


The Learn English Daily app focuses on pronunciation and everyday language, which all English learners need. This app uses British English, so it is a great way for students learning English in the USA to get exposure to another accent.

Busuu (standard version)

busuu is created by native speakers. You pick a level and the courses will be adapted for you. Busuu is also a social media platform where people can chat and share their learning experience.


Beelinguapp uses audiobooks to help you learn English. You can hear or read the book in English while also reading the text in your native language.

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