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Discover the indicators of a groundbreaking language course

"The strength of our language courses? The results."

1. Immersion as the key to succes 

Ruysschaert immerses your child in an environment packed with new words and expressions. And the best thing is: you learn them spontaneously because the context is so warm and welcoming.

We tell you in advance: your son or daughter will spend a whole week on a rollercoaster of exciting insights into language, instructive exercises and challenging role-plays. This is how our teachers set your child off with a host of new words and expressions. Without really realizing it they take on board all this new knowledge.

Everyone, teachers and pupils, speaks the target language always and everywhere. During lessons, meals and recreation – the whole week long. We admit: that needs perseverance and discipline. But the result is simply staggering. And it is precisely for this reason that many young people (and their parents) make a conscious choice for this result-oriented approach. 

2. Wide range of sport and games 

Sport and games are crucial for relaxation. What’s more: they open the door to expressing yourself naturally in a foreign language. Through play we learn to get to know one another better and to respect one another. So enjoy a good dose of amusement together with your teachers.

Learn a language: Yes! But you don’t always have to be at your desk in class to do so. For over four hours a day pupils can enjoy themselves in the relaxation areas or on the sports fields.

Every campus has a large recreation area with several board games, table football and billiards. The most important rule is: we play in the target language.

3. Teachers with a passion

We select our teachers on the basis of their diplomas, language knowledge, motivation, experience and personality. Only the best teachers are considered. They have the patience of angels, are creative, innovative and masters in didactics! In short, enthusiastic professionals who live with and for your child for one whole week. 

Don’t expect separate monitors on a Ruysschaert language course. It’s the teachers themselves who take part in the sport and relaxation activities.

A reasoned choice, for in this way the teacher can experience the progress of your child in a fun way. 

4. Varied lessons for every age 
at the right level

Are you between 12 and 18? Beginner or advanced? You learn languages for travelling or you think you are no good? You will be very welcome.

Courses cater for all levels, from beginner to advanced. We work closely with the individual needs of each pupil.

Test at the start of the course
In order to estimate the right level, we begin the course with a speaking and writing test. In this way we can put each pupil the right category. Furthermore, the pupils take a daily test so that we can monitor their progress. 

5. Unique locations

Language should bind us together. It is precisely for this reason that there is a feeling of warmth and security at every campus.

Our language courses take place on campuses that Ruysschaert has carefully selected after many years of  experience.

See all our campuses in detail here.

6. Mobile detox

Language binds us together. Via language we come together and build bridges.You leave your own mother tongue  behind. The same for the mobile phone. 

Even though this ban on the mobile phone came into force from an immersion standpoint, it seems that for many pupils a week without a phone is an epiphany moment for which  the feedback we receive reveals their gratitude.

Hundreds of young people having fun together, and not a single mobile phone in sight. Great, hey?

Set yourself the challenge and take up the adventure. Be trendy and take part in our mobile detox.

“You have to take part in one to know what makes it so unique”

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