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Pack your bag and set off on an adventure with us!

"Me! Speak in front of a group in another language? I didn't know I could do it."

1. Courses

A language is something that can be learned. And the best way to do this is to get inside the language by total immersion. At Ruysschaert, everybody, teachers AND students, speak the target language everywhere and at all times – during courses, meals or games – and do so throughout the entire week. We recognise that this requires determination and discipline. But the result is more than impressive.

Our secret? The clear rules, the wonderfully relaxed environment and the cordiality of everyone.

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2. Online courses

With our online courses, we raise the language skills of young people to a higher level even via remote learning. The shorter holiday periods are ideal for making time for language learning, for catching up and revising lesson material.

 A boost that will definitely pay off.

In 2023, we have no online offer

3. Preparation Cambridge Exam

Students who want to go even further can prepare during our online courses for the “Cambridge English” examination of the University of Cambridge (U.K.). Gaining this Certificate means: a language level recognised around the world by more than 20,000 colleges, universities, companies and organisations.

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4. Our didactic platform

Do you need a little refresher? Or are you looking for useful tips for learning English, French or Dutch?

Make use of our didactic platform

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