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What study material do the pupils have?

"This language course gave my son back his self-esteem and motivated him again"

Grammar as a foundation

He who builds houses wants to build them safely. Preferably on solid foundations with accurately measured constructions.  It’s the same with a language. If we build a bridge from one point to another we need a solid foundation. The foundation of every language is grammar. With this as a starting point we learn to play, speak, listen and understand. 

Ruysschaert lessons and study material

A wealth of new words all day

Ruysschaert immerses your child in an environment packed with new words and expressions. And the best thing is: you learn them spontaneously because the context is so warm and welcoming. And everyone speaks the same language, ‘always and everywhere’

Specially developed tailor-made couses

Using this grammar and these new words we practise a variety of exercises and amuse ourselves. Don’t expect a course that is the same for every pupil. The teacher looks at the learning needs and puts together a course tailored to the needs of the pupil. Through sport and play we spontaneously practise all the skills. 

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages {CEFR}

European language experts have established six levels of language mastery spread over three categories: A {basic user}, B {independent user} and C {proficient user}. Ruysschaert takes these European objective criteria as a basis for assessing the pupil in his language skills.

> Discover the classification CEFR here.  

Thorough final evaluation

The teacher assesses the progress of the pupil. Not only theoretical but also his self-confidence in being able to express himself in another language. This is clearly and in detail presented in a personal report at the end of the language.

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