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Mobile detox

Language binds us together. Via language we come together and build bridges. Relations that start this way you rarely find through social media contacts.

Why a whole week without my phone?

A whole week of immersion in another language demands dialogue, contact and interaction. You leave your own mother tongue  behind. The same for the mobile phone.  Even though this ban on the mobile phone came into force from an  immersion standpoint, it seems that for many pupils a week without a phone is an epiphany moment for which  the feedback we receive reveals their gratitude.

36% of the pupils find the phone-ban a positive experience. And every year that figure climbs. This tendency sends an important signal from the young people themselves. Our mobile detox stimulates them to make contact with one another and to widen their circle of friends.

Hundreds of young people having fun together, and not a single mobile phone in sight. Great, hey?

Set yourself the challenge and take up the adventure.
Be trendy and take part in our mobile detox.

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