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Teachers with a passion

"It's impressive how professional and motivated the teachers are. It's the best way to make progress"

Ruysschaert dedicated teachers

Teachers with the patience of angels!

We select our teachers on the basis of their diplomas, language knowledge, motivation, experience and personality. Only the best teachers are considered. They have the patience of angels, are creative, innovative and masters in didactics! In short, enthusiastic professionals who live with and for your child for one whole week. 

Didactic coaching and support

Nor do we leave the teacher to his own devices! For the duration of the course the teacher receives support, advice, feedback, tips and guidance.  They are closely followed up by didactic coaches. In this way Ruysschaert invests in the personal and professional growth of the teachers.

Unbroken commitment

The teachers are permanently with the pupils. As multi-functional professionals they accompany the pupils , all day long, around the clock. Even during sport and recreation. They give hints on how to continue speaking correctly and give them words of encouragement. But above all they simply enjoy being with the pupils.

“The team spirit and collaboration among the teaching staff hoists us up to a particularly high level.”

Keith James Lewis - Teacher

Language virtuosos

Our teachers spend their everyday lives standing in front of pupils in the classroom. They are language virtuosos with a great deal of experience and are strongly motivated. Those who work so intently with our pupils have a heart for language and for your child.

Ruysschaert dedicated teachers

Are you a dedicated language teacher?

Become a teacher with Ruysschaert and come with us on an exceptional language adventure.

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