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The right level for your age

"My daughter's class was perfect for her level. It's so great that the students evolve together"

Ruysschaert language courses

Choose your language course in the spring or the summer

Are you between 12 and 18? Beginner or advanced? You learn languages for travelling or you think you are no good? You will be very welcome.

The  Ruysschaert approach is the same for all courses, regardless of the course you choose. 

At least one year of study of the target language

During the course everyone, teachers and pupils, speaks the target language always and everywhere. It is therefore important that the pupil has studied the target language for at least one year at school. Otherwise the task will be too difficult. 

Up to 18 different levels

Courses cater for all levels, from beginner to advanced. We work closely with the individual needs of each pupil.

Small groups

An average of 12 pupils per group. So that we can guarantee close monitoring, personal feedback and the biggest possible learning curve

Test at the start of the course

In order to estimate the right level, we begin the course with a speaking and writing test. In this way we can put each pupil the right category. Furthermore, the pupils take a daily test so that we can monitor their progress. 


* If you want to learn a language other than your mother tongue, you have come to the right place. From beginner to advanced, we help you strengthen your language skills. However, our courses are not aimed at those who want to perfect their native language.

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