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Thanks to my teacher's guidance and tips, I can also work on my language skills from home.


With our online courses, we raise the language skills of young people to a higher level even via remote learning.

They can thus continue to develop their skills all year long:

Is an online course the same as a whole week spent in immersion? No, certainly not. The shorter holiday periods are ideal for making time for language learning, for catching up and revising lesson material. A boost that will definitely pay off.

What can you expect?

What does a week of lessons consist of?

3 hours in a row of listening to a teacher? No, absolutely not. We have chosen a more varied approach of self-study, traditional lessons and exercises. Pupils work through part of the theory for themselves via e-learning and then do the related exercises. During the lesson with the teacher the theory is revised and the teacher can also respond to common errors made. It is another way of working, but with a number of advantages.

What is our daily class routine?

What do you need to prepare?


The price of our online language courses is €245 all-inclusive:

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