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determining the level?

How is the pupils’ level decided?

Ruysschaert language courses are open to all pupils, whatever their level or learning capacities. We start by assessing the learning needs and level of every pupil. The Ruysschaert teacher adjusts his lessons accordingly.

That is why we begin by dividing the pupils according to their level into groups of about 10. The division takes place initially based on the details on the date of birth, number of years of study of the target language at school and the number of hours per week. The first day of the language course starts with a speaking and writing test. Based on that result, it is possible that a pupil will go to another class. It is also possible that his/her level will change later in the week and that he/she will go to another class. In this way we can ensure that we always offer lessons tailored to the needs of the pupils.

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