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Cambridge Exam

“Pick up your language certificate recognised around the world!”

A week at Ruysschaert’s is intensive but the result is impressive. Students who want to go even further can prepare, during our courses, for the “Cambridge English” examination of the University of Cambridge (U.K.). Gaining this Certificate means: a language level recognised around the world by more than 20,000 colleges, universities, companies and organisations.

The examination levels follow the grades of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Who’s it for?

A language examination is appropriate for students who have reached a higher level. In addition to the fixed English course, students who register for the Cambridge module can also enjoy 6 extra hours of support as part of this exam.

Please note: this module makes our course even more intensive. It is very important that your son or daughter is motivated to follow it. Speak to your child about it first.  


The cost of this extra module is 175 euros and includes:

How do you register?

Coaching for the Cambridge module will be given at a several of the English Courses during summer holidays:

In order to guarantee its quality, we accept a maximum of 10 students per course.
In order to be able to select the participants, we kindly ask them to carry out the following two tasks:

  1. an online test giving an indication of the student’s language level. At the end of the test, the result is displayed. Take a screenshot of it and send it by email.
    Access to the online test
  2. a short letter setting out motivation of about 200 words (half a page) written in English in which the student explains why he wishes to sit the “Cambridge Exam”

Send your screenshot and the motivation letter to
We will examine your candidature and inform you of our decision as soon as possible.

For more info:
Any questions? Contact us on +32 (0)9 281 01 53 or by email to

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Do you have any questions, send an e-mail or call us on +32 9 281 01 53

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