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Inclusion at a language camp


In a few weeks time the summer begins and thousands of young people will take part in a holiday packed with sport, youth and language camps and trips. A summer full of great activities ... but not so for everybody. In order to give a chance to those less well-off to attend a language camp, Ruysschaert is launching a Social Fund.

Ruysschaert welcomes more than 2,000 young people yearly, each with his or her own reasons, who are motivated to learn a language that is not their mother tongue. Over the years we have helped thousands of pupils to push their own bounderies. In this way they have built up new friendships, and have overcome not only language barriers but also social ones.

Where there's a will, there's a way
However, such a language camp is not affordable for everyone. We are very aware that not every young person is able to seize this opportunity, even though there is a will. Therefore we have had a Social Fund for a number of years. In the past we were able to offer dozens of pupils financial support, so that they could nevertheless take part in a language camp.

Social Fund
As a result of our growing success and to mark our 500th course this summer we have increased the budget of our Social Fund. Our society is becoming more diverse, whereby a good framework and easy access to the regional language are of fundamental importance. With our Social Fund we want to send out a warm message to  the underprivileged and to newcomers who speak other languages and, through financial aid help them to make a step forward in their language skills.

In this way we issue a warm invitation: do you know or are you a young person who could benefit from our financial support? Don't hesitate to contact us on 09 281 01 53 or via We follow up every enquiry and work out individual financial concessions.

Together we work to build a multi-linguistic future!

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