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Every day, our team is available to parents, students and all our teachers.

Pieter Ruysschaert

Pieter Ruysschaert | Managing director
I am proud of the organisation that we have built up with our team and our teachers who work with us. The coaching and support provided by them give me a great deal of satisfaction.

You can reach me by telephone on +32 9 281 01 53 or by email at

My areas of interest: rock music, my friends, adventure, travel and spirituality

“Being talented is another word for being surrounded with people who push you to a higher level.”

Maite Gandarias

Maite Gandarias | Managing Assistant & Recruiter
At Ruysschaert I felt immediately at home. The sense of conviviality and the space that we have is exceptional. As management assistant I'm responsible for the daily running of Ruysschaert and the success of our courses. At every course I, along with our team, want to ensure the best quality. In my role as a recruter I look after our teachers. From the recrutement to the review, I accompany them throughout the season.

Do you want to work for Ruysschaert as a language teacher? Send your CV to and I will contact you as soon as possible. 

My areas of interest: photography, music, interior design, my family and my friends

Charlotte Speecke

Charlotte Speecke | Marketeer
As Head of Marketing, having the opportunity to promote a product which I back 100 % increases my degree of involvement. Indeed, I want each course to be a success.

Do you want to work with us or promote our courses? Contact me by telephone on +32 9 281 01 53 or by email at

My areas of interest: travelling, my family and my friends, couture and cooking

Liesbeth Schreurs | Public Relations
To discover new horizons, both at home and abroad, to start upworking partnerships: in order to be able to welcome new pupils to our courses every year: I'm really happy to see Ruysschaert grow!

Do you want to work with us or promote our courses? Contact me by telephone on +32 9 281 01 53 or by email at 

Nadia Crickx | Office Assistant
Learning a language is just like travelling, broadening your view of the world. And just as Nelson Mandela so beautifully put it into words: « If you speak to someone in a language he understands, you reach his head. If you speak to someone in his own language, you reach his heart. »

I help in the performance of everyday tasks at Ruysschaert, such as the monitoring of registrations. I make sure that each registration runs smoothly from start to finish.  

If you have any questions regarding the registration of your child or about our courses or you just want to know just how all this works, then you can reach me by telephone on +32 9 281 01 53 or by email at

My areas of interest: running and travelling (and preferably at the same time)

Veronique Maes

Veronique Maes
I find it fascinating to create an environment that fosters the learning process to a maximum. Where commitment and work co together with pleasure. I work together with the Ruysschaert team for courses and seminaries.

My areas of interest: psychology and human well-being, spirituality, yoga, dance, travel, healthy cooking, family and friends

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Do you have any questions, send an e-mail or call us on +32 9 281 01 53

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