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English Course Tournai: 7-12.07


Welcome to the blog of our English Course in Tournai.

Sunday: day 1

Today it's the first day of our English Course in Tournai. We're looking forward to meet all of our students and to spend an excellent week together! Believe us, it’ll be an incredible adventure. With one clear rule: we talk English always and everywhere!

Are you ready for the start of your week with Ruysschaert? You find all the practical information about the English Course via the personal link you've received by email. Just to make sure:

  • We expect pupils to arrive between 10h45 and 11h30. On arrival you receive the first practical information. Then you can go take your luggage to your room and install yourself. Do you have any time left? Feel free to get to know the other participants.
  • At noon the director warmly welcomes everybody, parents and pupils, to the opening session, explains the arrangements and calls out the pupils’ names so that they can join their class. 
  • Then comes the official start of the course
    We start with the midday meal followed by the tests and the first lesson. 

See you soon!

PS: You’re curious to see how it all plans out on our language course ? We post photos and videos on our Facebook page and our blog every day so that we can keep you up-to-date on our activities. We’ll post the first pictures from tomorrow!

Monday: day 2

What a wonderful start we have had for the English Course. Lots of smiling faces and English conversations. We are off to a flying start!

Our priorities on the first day were making the students feel at home and determining their level.
After a good day filled with the test and lessons on vocabulary, sports and grammar, the students enjoyed the First Meeting Game. They had to solve riddles, play active games and find the correct locations. Every class was really enthusiastic!

Clearly everybody is looking forward to a wonderful week!

Tuesday: day 3

Now that students have got to know each other, their command of English is already showing considerable improvement; they enjoyed themselves during interesting classes and some leisure activities. During the day, the students worked hard on their English skills and grammar but there was also time for sports.

On top of that, we finished the day playing the amazing Word Games! The students had to use all their knowledge about vocabulary to try to win these competitions. We played hangman, Pictionary, categories, scrambled words, words without vowels, ... They were so eager and enthusiastic that all classes scored very high.

Wednesday: day 4

Another enriching day here at the English Course in Tournai. During another day of improving language skills and taking part in wonderful activities, students could enjoy themselves in glorious sunshine.

Thursday: day 5

Smile, smile, smile! Time for class pictures. Students put on their best smiles yesterday. What a beautiful sight.

Friday: day 6

Last night's Ruysschaert’s got talent show gave students the chance to share their talents with everyone else. The show was a resounding success!
What an amazing last evening of a splendid week!

Today is the last day of our English Course. The linguistic adventure has passed so quickly. Tonight, at 5 pm sharp, you’ll be able to see it yourself. We round off the week in full splendour with a closing moment for both pupils and parents.

See you then!


What a fantastic week we had in Tournai! We laughed, played and learned a lot. And all in one foreign language.

Thank you all for this fantastic week at Ruysschaert. You were great!

See you again next year?

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