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When do you really learn a foreign language?

"At Ruysschaert we don't just have a heart for language, but also for young people."

Simple. You learn a foreign language from the moment you leave your mother tongue at the door and begin to think, to calculate and to dream in another language. That is the decisive moment. And it is from that point that we begin to build with Ruysschaert.

Therefore I believe in total immersion. Stand back from your own language and immerse yourself in another. During my whole career I have taken pleasure in the stunning results achieved by young people in our warm bath of language! From the awkward “Hey” to the more self-confident “Hello, would you like to play soccer with me?” in one week.

And that one sentence says it all.

It’s the proud twinkling in the eye of your son or daughter as he/she spontaneously begins to talk. That’s the moment we get out of bed for every morning.

I believe that knowledge of a foreign language is an enormous springboard to pushing your own boundaries still further.

Ruysschaert Pieter

A warm welcome to our language courses

Pieter Ruysschaert

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